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When you are in the transport industry or you simply drive a vehicle, it is important to always have with you the contacts of a reliable car towing service provider. Tow truck services can come in handy if your car accidentally develops mechanical issues.


With the help of a wrecker company, it saves you the stress of cargo transportation. This is because a knowledgeable towing company should be able to understand all the aspects surrounding the transportation and the repair of a vehicle. It can also help you save a lot of time, energy and money since. This is because you can call the company as soon as you need them.


We are a reliable towing service provider with a distinguished history. The following are the benefits of seeking our services.


One Stop Shop

Our engineers and technical experts are knowledgeable in all the possible areas your vehicle or cargo in transit might have problems. We also offer simple services for jump starting your car if your battery has died and fuel delivery if you accidentally run out of gas. We also help our customers who might have locked their keys in the car. We do this by taking every precaution necessary not to damage the car.


Our Staff

Our team is highly professional. The experts are highly qualified and have gained a lot of hands-on knowledge. All our staff follows a strict code of ethics to ensure integrity and quality delivery of services. We also have enough staff to safely load your cargo onto a flatbed trailer and secure it. We also offer human labor to off-load cargo securely without damage to the content. It is also important to note that we continuously have in-house training for our staff, to ensure that their skills are sharpened.


Our Equipment

We have been in operation for a number of years. Therefore, we have encountered scenarios that have made us grow in experience and tactic. We also have equipment which includes trailers, wheel-lift tow trucks, and tilt-slide trays. Our machines are state-of-the-art to ensure maximum productivity. We also make sure to regularly service our equipment.



When towing a vehicle, it is likely to cause additional damage to the vehicle. Therefore, we ensure that the drives are vastly trained in how to safely tow vehicles. We also ensure that more than 70% of our drivers are qualified mechanics.


Additionally, we take care of legal issues when transporting cargo through different states. Different states have different laws regarding towing and transportation of freight. Therefore, we ensure that we inform you of your legal options when transporting the cargo across the various states.



Among all our daily customers, a significant number of them are repeat clients. This is because we offer high-quality towing services at a cost-friendly price.



We are seeking to create a network of new customers. Therefore, do you need a reliable towing service provider? Do you want to be ready in case, your vehicle breaks down, and you need quick response services? Reach out to our friendly customer service representative. This will help you to be more informed about the various services we offer and any other service that you might require in the future.